Value Packs You should add to your kitchen.

Some days you just need to make a quick, delicious meal from what’s in your pantry. The good news is that you’re not alone. You can add many budget-friendly “value packs” to your kitchen for when the clock strikes 10 pm and your brain is fried from looking for something to eat. The following are reviews of those products.

1. Almond & Cashew Base 2-Pack

A jar of almond butter and a jar of cashew butter for $14.99? You can’t really beat that price. This “value pack” isn’t just convenient, it’s also delicious – the two nut butter taste great together. In fact, they’re so good you can eat them by themselves. The product description doesn’t say, but I think you’re supposed to eat this stuff with a spoon, not with a fork.

2. Organic Oat Milk Powder 2-Pack

If you’re not a huge fan of fresh oat milk, then an oat milk powder may be more to your liking. With this value pack, you get two little tubs of powder that makeup to 3 cups of liquid. The product description says you can use it as a milk substitute, but I’m afraid I have trouble believing that. I tried adding water to the mixture and it just wasn’t thick enough; it was basically like drinking watered-down milk.

3. Almond Milk Base 2-Pack

This almond milk base is a little bit different from the almond butter and cashew butter base, in that it has a thinner and more watery consistency. It mixes easily into smoothies and protein shakes, but you may need to add some ice if you want your drink to be thicker.

4. Organic Almond & Cashew 2-Pack

This “value pack” isn’t actually a value pack, it’s the exact same thing as the single item listed in the first value pack review. This isn’t even a package of two, but two packages of one. If you want to enjoy both almond butter and cashew butter together, go ahead and buy both items separately; they’re basically the same thing so it doesn’t matter too much which one you choose.

5. Organic Almond Base 2-Pack

Although the consistency of this almond milk base seems to be in between that of the almond and cashew milk packs, it has a unique consistency. The texture is kind of like real milk; slightly thicker than water, but not as thick as regular goat’s milk. I recommend adding a little bit of ice if you want to make this into a cold drink.

6. Cashew Milk Base 2-Pack

Like the first value pack, this one is actually just two packages of the same product. However, unlike that one, this one comes in a box instead of a jar. The box states that it’s shelf-stable for up to 3 years.

The value packs listed above aren’t exactly cheap, so if you don’t want to spend extra money on food I suggest using them as ingredients for your meals instead. For example, you can put the almond milk powder in a smoothie; the almond butter can be spread over toast, used in a sandwich, or stirred into a bowl of oatmeal.