Why Vegetarian Food Is Good For Your Health

The number of vegetarians has recently increased by around 30% in three years. Vegetarianism is healthy and saves money on grocery bills, helps the environment and animals, and reduces the risk of heart disease. If you’re thinking about going vegetarian so that you can help save the planet and your health, here are the vegetarian benefits to help get you started:

Vegetarian diets are suitable for your skin.

Eating fruits and vegetables is linked to clearer, healthier skin because it helps you get the right amount of antioxidants that combat signs of aging (including fine lines, wrinkles, and sun spots). Vegetables are exceptionally high in antioxidant vitamins C and E that can dramatically reduce damage caused by environmental pollutants (such as pollution from cars or factories).

Vegetarians are less likely to develop heart disease

Although they typically eat less saturated fat and cholesterol than non-vegetarians, vegetarians are not just healthier on the inside. They’re also healthier on the outside. Researchers have established that vegetarians tend to have lower body fat percentages than meat-eaters, thus reducing their risk of heart disease.

Eating vegetarian helps prevent cancer.

Research indicates that cancers are linked to diet, especially foods high in fat and meat. Vegetarians eat more healthful foods than their meat-eating counterparts, thus lowering their risk of cancer. Not only is the meat a source of carcinogens like nitrates and nitrites, but cooking the meat at high temperatures also creates carcinogenic compounds.

Vegetarian diets help prevent osteoporosis.

Calcium from dairy products has long been seen as the best way to get enough calcium for strong bones and teeth — but recent research suggests that calcium from plant sources might be just as good for bones. Vegetarians don’t need to eat as much dairy as meat-eaters do, and in fact, many studies have found that vegans have less bone disease than meat-eaters of the same weight.

Vegetarian diets are better for your heart.

A vegetarian diet is linked to lower cholesterol levels. In one study, the number of heart disease deaths among men in Italy was almost half that among men on an omnivorous diet.

Vegetarians and vegans enjoy all the benefits of not eating meat and animal products, but there are even more unique gifts for those who cut out meat, eggs, and dairy. Whether you want to live longer or feel better in your skin, these are some of the most compelling reasons to forego eating animal flesh.