6 Potent Energy Drinks to Give You A Huge Boost

These six energy drinks are packed with energy-giving ingredients and the good stuff.

1.C4 Energy x Skittles

The energy drink combines the best of both worlds, with the potency of C4 and the fruity taste of Skittles. You get 200mg of caffeine with the world-renowned Skittles original flavor.

2.C4 Ultimate Carbonated

Literally the ultimate energy drink in the C4 line, with a whopping 300mg of caffeine to supercharge your body. What’s surprising is that there’s zero sugar involved, but the sweetness and carbonation is exceptional, to say the least. It’s great for workouts and long gaming sessions.

3.C4 Ultimate Non-Carbonated

If you prefer your energy drink non-sparkly then this is for you. It contains the same potent 300mg of caffeine, which can definitely serve to kickstart your day. The drink is infused with ingredients that promote muscle cell hydration and endurance for powering through workouts and sports activities.

4.C4 Energy x Starburst Candy

Life will seem so sweet and vibrant once you take a sip of the C4 Energy x Starburst Candy. The 200mg of caffeine is delivered with a signature taste you’ve come to know and love. The product comes in four distinct flavors, including lemon, orange, cherry and strawberry. Take your pick and you’ll be ready to go.

5.C4 Smart Energy Carbonated

The C4 Smart Energy is unlike your usual slew of energy drinks- it’s formulated with clinical studies which means that there’s no wasted ingredients or dosage. Plant-based energy gives you razer sharp focus and the physical capability to do what you want throughout the day.

6.C4 Energy Non Carbonated

A timeless, non carbonated classic, you’ll love this energy drink the moment it touches your lips. It’s worth noting that all C4 energy drinks are NSF certified for sport, which means athletes and bodybuilders can take it and not worry about being penalized.