The Must-Haves For Any Sports Room

If you’re an athlete, you’ve already invested in the right equipment to play your sport—now it’s time to take care of that investment and protect it from the elements so you can get the most use out of it year-round. In addition to having good sports gear, a clean and well-organized sports room will help make sure your gear stays in good condition and helps you get ready quickly.

Here are some things that every athlete should have in their sports room.

1. A Place to Put Your Uniforms

Having your uniform on the bench or the floor is not only tacky, but it’s a very real way to ruin it. Hanging them on a hanger with padding in the shoulders will help keep that collar from getting smashed or bent and you can save space by hanging several uniforms together. You can even store sports jerseys that aren’t worn often in breathable bags to keep out potential pests and dust.

2. A Mirror for Checking Yourself Out

It may seem obvious, but if you don’t have a place to look at yourself before you head out, then you run the risk of looking a bit disheveled when you reach your destination. A mirror hanging on the wall is a great way to check your hair and make sure you’re properly dressed. You can also use a smaller version of this to quickly check the condition of your uniform.

3. A Room for Your Shoes

If you’re an athlete, chances are good that you spend most of your time in your sneakers and trainers. Storing them in a bag or an open box is not recommended because they will eventually get dusty and that dust is going to be bad for your trainer’s leather or suede bottom structural integrity. You can find cheap shoe boxes at any department store.

If possible, line the bottom of your shoes with an absorbent material, like newspapers, to avoid any moisture or mildew. If you have some extra space in your room, create a separate area for your shoes that includes a shoe rack to hang them on and make sure they dry properly after each use. You can also store footwear like sandals in breathable bags to keep out dust and pests.

4. A Place to Hang Your Gear

You don’t want your sports gear just sitting on the floor. There are some basic hooks that you can get for about $4 that will hold your gear without any trouble and will avoid leaving creases in the fabric and keep it looking sharp. Most athletes will have one or two areas where they store all of their gear during practice or play, so it makes sense to have an area where you can hang and store them. If you’re short on space, there are also shelving units designed specifically for sports gear that help you maximize storage space.